Sampling of Kadazan Words
and Phrases -
Test Your Knowledge

This sampling of Kadazan words consists of difficult and not so difficult Kadazan words. See how you fare with any one of them.

Write down the equivalent word or phrases or the explanation in the English language.


1. Avasi:
2. Bosuon:
3. Dogo:
4. Gobuk:
5. Hamin:
6. Iso:
7. Koosi:
8. Lomou:
9. Mamanau:
10. Naakan:
11. Ovutong:
12. Pisuk:
13. Sizam:
14. Tasu:
15. Ukabo:
16. Vogok:
17. Zou:


1. Kotohuadan do nokoikot ko.

2. Soou ku do au ko koikot.

3. Naambanan zou tu aiso sakazon.

4. Nahandai zou di unduk zou.

5. Avasi po tu aiso ingkuukuo nu.

6. Maatalok zou po nokotigog.

7. Siou no.

8. Kano nodii mooi akan.

9. Au zou houzon. Minum zou noopo.

10. Houson zou. Kivaa nongoi ku haid.

This sampling of Kadazan words and phrases give you some idea about the Kadazan Language. These words may give you a feel of the Kadazan Language.

Unfortunately, there is no school or educational institution that specialises in teaching the mother tongue of the Kadazan people. The language used to teach school children is the Dusun-Liwan version. A school specialising in teaching the Kadazan language should have existed a long time ago. But it is never too late to start one.

Further, there are very few books entirely written in the Kadazan language at the present moment. The majority of the new generation of Kadazans do not have the heart to learn and speak their own mother tongue.

Thus, the more important and urgent issue is how to make Kadazan parents more motivated in handing down the language to their children and grandchildren. But you do not hear any Kadazan leaders encouraging Kadazans to speak to each other in their own mother tongue.

There are many among the adult Kadazan population who can understand a lot of Dusun words just as many of the natives who call themselves Dusuns can speak and can understand Kadazan. After all, they came from the same racial background. They are the descendants of Aki Maragang.

Now check out what these words and phrases mean. See how you performed.

For information of those who are keen to learn Kadazan, they may soon have the opportunity to learn the language online. Meanwhile, they can check out this site.

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