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The meaning of Kadazan words listed previously HERE is intended to help you verify the extent of your knowledge on the Kadazan language.

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  1. avasi, good, fine. Avasi kotuutuhun isido. He is a good man. Boosgaga/Antonym: alaat,bad
  2. bosuon, stupid. Nokosikul nga bosuon. Educated but stupid. Boosgaga/Antonym: abaa,clever
  3. dogo, mine. Dogo do usin diti. This money is mine. Boosgaga/Antonym: diau,yours
  4. gobuk, chimpanzee. Nokokot zosido do gobuk. A chimpanzee bit her.
  5. hamin, house. Osodu o hamin dioho. Their house is far away.
  6. iso, one. Iso no pokionuon ku. I want only one.
  7. koosi, afraid. Scared. Koosi zi ina ku do kaansau zou. My mother is scared that I'll get lost. Boosgaga/Antonym: katama,courageous
  8. lomou, tears (not "rip"). Nokotuuh o lomou dosido. She shed tears.
  9. mamanau, walk. Pass away (colloquial). Ouzan zou mamanau tumakad. I'm tired walking uphill.
  10. naakan, eaten. Naakan no di tanak ii tindalam. The child had already eaten the cake.
  11. ovutong, foul smell. Ovutong ii tasu napatai. The dead dog has a foul smell. Boosgaga/Antonym: oongid,fragrant
  12. pisuk, corner. Id pisuk o hamin di tuhun tokuangan. The poor man's house is at a corner.
  13. sizam, nine. Kikoposizon do tingau do sizam. A cat has nine lives.
  14. tasu, dog. Alaat o tasu diho. That dog is bad.
  15. ukabo, open. Ukabo o kabang nu. Open your mouth. Boosgaga/Antonym: poongobo,close
  16. vogok, pig. Momogompi isido do vogok. He rears pigs.
  17. Zou, I. Au zou momoguno tusi do magansak. I don't use salt when cooking. Boosgaga/Antonym: ko:you


1. Kotohuadan do nokoikot ko. Thank you for coming. kotohuadan:thank you; nokoikot:has come

2. Soou ku do au ko koikot. I thought that you cannot come. soou:thought

3. Naambanan zou tu aiso sakazon. I was delayed as there was no transport. naambanan:delayed; sakazon:transport

4. Nahandai zou di unduk zou. I slipped as I went down. nahandai:slipped; unduk:go down;descend

5. Avasi po tu aiso ingkuukuo nu. It is good that nothing happened to you. avasi:good; aiso:nothing; ingkuukuo:something that may occur

6. Maatalok zou po nokotigog. I was shaking with fright. maatalok:shaking;shiverig; nokotigog:frightened

7. Siou no. I am sorry.

8. Kano nodii mooi akan. Let's go to eat now. kano/kanou:let's go; 'kano' is used when inviting another person. 'kanou' is used to invite more than one person.

9. Au zou houzon. Minum zou noopo. I am not hungry. I will take a drink only. au:no/not; houson:hungry; minum:drink; noopo:only

10. Houson zou. Kivaa nongoi ku haid. I am hungry. I went somewhere before this. nongoi:went (somewhere); haid:before

By just using a prefix or a suffix the meaning of Kadazan words will change.

The definition or meaning of Kadazan words stated above may change over time when applied under different situations. Other people may explain some of the words in a different way. Others may understand these words in the circumstances they grew up.

These could well incorporate such meanings. The Kadazan language is wide in scope and possibly wider still if there are means to unearth Kadazan words, phrases and sayings that became lost over time.

Get right the meaning of Kadazan words and Practice; Practice does not make Perfect, It Makes Permanent

You can take the initial step of looking for the Kadazan Section in local newspapers. Just read through the articles. Refrain from looking for the meaning of Kadazan words you don't understand in Kadazan dictionaries. You can do that the next time you read through the same article. That is, if you are still keen and willing to learn as much as you can about the Kadazan language.

Read the words aloud and listen to your pronunciation. It does not matter if the words sound funny or you feel uneasy. Ignore those who laugh as you practice.

Get hold of a copy of a Kadazan Dictionary. Or borrow. Click HERE for information where to get your copy of this dictionary. (Note: Out of stock.)

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