and Stationery

The Lotinggi Dampian Books and Stationery Shop is found at Lot No. 137 on the Second Floor of the Megalong Shopping Mall, Donggongon, Sabah, Malaysia.

The Megalong Shopping Complex is reputedly the longest mall in Sabah. Donggongon is located within Penampang District, in Malaysian Borneo.

The following are on sale at this Store:

  1. Management Books,
  2. Motivational Books,
  3. Personal and career development Books,
  4. Personal health / wellness Books,
  5. Cookery Books,
  6. Music (Guitar) Chords,
  7. Agriculture Books, and
  8. Sports and games Books.

These are intended to compliment our HR consultancy activities.

Other Items On Sale at Lotinggi Dampian Shop

  1. Religious Books,
  2. Bibles, English and Bahasa Malaysa / Indonesia,
  3. Prayer Booklets,
  4. Prayer Cards,
  5. Religious pictures,
  6. Dictionaries, English - Malay, Kadazan - English, and
  7. Stationery.

Second Hand Books
In addition, there are also used or second-hand books, second-hand comic books, and second-hand magazines that are still in good condition being sold at reasonable prices.

We also sell Comic Books, namely, Momogun and Kinabalu, Sabah's very own comic books drawn by a local Sabahan.

The Stationery items made available here are for the convenience of busy people like you - managers, workers, parents or students - who are in a hurry in this hectic world.

The Whereabouts of Lotinggi Dampian Books Shop at Megalong Mall

Megalong is situated at Donggongon, the largest town in the Penampang District. It is near Kasigui where a small town of the same name had ceased to exist after it was razed to the ground years ago.

Penampang is a district having a common boundary with Tambunan District and the District of Papar. Penampang is one of the more developed areas, the home of thousands of the descendants of Tomui, the youngest son of Aki Maragang, the ancestor of the Kadazandusun people.

Penampang is connected by a fairly good network of roads to the City of Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah.

Penampang is one of the Nation's Parliamentary constituencies. It consists of the two Sabah Legislative Assembly seats for Moyog and Kepayan.

You are very welcome to visit the Lotinggi Dampian Books and Stationery Shop at Megalong Mall, Donggongon.

Do you have used books that are still in good condition?

Don't throw them away. Recycle them by offering them for sale at a discounted price. Send your second-hand books to Lotinggi Dampian Shop for parking. Have a list of the books prepares and include all important particulars.

However, payment will be made only after the books are sold.