Kadazans At The Crossroads:
NOW is the Time for Decision

Are the Kadazans at the crossroads?

The time has come for the Kadazans to decide in which direction their people will go. They can long for the days of old when their lives were easier with little or no threat to their identity and unity as one people.

Now, they live in a world that is vastly different from that of their ancestors. The tribal misunderstanding of the past is mostly forgotten although there are occasional references to the strained relationship between the coastal and interior Kadazans.

'Kadazans at the crossroads' means that there are many threats to them as a people, both from within and without. Many of these go to the roots of Kadazan unity and cohesion as one people. However, opportunities also present themselves at crossroads.

It was reported (The Borneo Post, Tuesday, 19 February 2013) that the leaders of three Kadazan-Dusun-Murut-(KDM)based political organizations had decided to bury the hatchet. This is good and is applauded. But the question arises as to whether unity driven by political considerations will last. Nevertheless, may this will lead to better things to come for the KDMs. KDMs need to hold more get-together to build stronger brotherly relationship.

Where are the Kadazan People Now?
It was recorded that Monsopiad rebelled against the British colonial government. In the interior of North Borneo, Antanom led the Muruts in an uprising against the British. This was the Rundum Rebellion. When Mat Salleh fled to Tambunan during his fight against the British, many Tambunan natives joined him.

During the Second World War, there were Kadazans among the group that fought against the Japanese. But on the other hand, there were a few who helped the Japanese soldiers.

Long before this, the ancestors of the Kadazan people, particularly those from Penampang and the Tambunan plains fought against each other for a fairly long time. The interior tribes also fought among themselves. But they were, in fact, descended from the same Aki Maragang of Nabalu (Nabahu). (Note: P.S.Shim did not mention 'Aki Maragang' in his book.)

The tribal wars were not only between the coastal and interior natives. Even in Penampang, villages were in constant fights against each other. For example, the villagers of Pogunon and Kolopis fought against each other. And the people of Sugud and Papar organized raids against each other.

The Tangaah (or Tangarah) of Penampang were descended from Tomui, the youngest son of Aki Maragang. The Tangaah of Penampang called the descendants of Rongguvai, the second son of Aki Maragang, who settled the interior of North Borneo, Pangazou. The word 'Pangazou' is now understood to mean warrior.

The descendants of Rongguvai and Tomui had come a long way. The majority of them are educated and many are well off. Most of them may understand the importance of forging understanding and lasting unity between the descendants of Aki Maragang, namely, his three sons, Runsud, Rongguvai, and Tomui, and his only daughter, Sayap.

They can learn a lot from the past history of their ancestors. They are living in the here and now. Hard decisions await Kadazans for the sake of their very existence. The past is gone. The future is yet to come for which Kadazans have the power to change.

Determine and Understand Your Important Role
It is not too important from which particular branch of the Aki Maragang family tree you are descended from.

The crucial thing is that you have a love for your own people and a great concern for their future. Mutual understanding and unity, in spite of many difficulties, are worth striving for.

The present state of things require Kadazans at the crossroads to review their past and never give up the struggle to become one united people. If not, they may find themselves left far behind.

Ask what you can contribute to help the Kadazans at the crossroads at this very moment of their history

Forging, protecting and preserving an identity that truly reflects that you are descendants of Aki Maragang is nothing less than life itself. Loss of identity may lead to the disappearance of the Kadazan from the face of the earth.

Great civilizations had come and gone. The race descended from Aki Maragang may not qualify as a great race, what more a great civilization, but you can help them strive to become great in their own unique way. Ideas abound in this information age that can help in the continued existence of the Kadazan people.

Pause, Reflect and Make Plans
Crossroads as milestones in the life of the Kadazan people provide them with the opportunity to pause and reflect, to think and make effective plans for the future.

Contribute to efforts to ensure that your people will have a great future. It does not matter what your station in life is.

Whither the Kadazans in fifty years' time or a century later?

Only time will tell. But you have the power and the opportunity NOW to change Kadazan history. Strive to change the direction of Kadazans at the crossroads of life - in the history of this land and of the world.

The 2018 general election may show the impacts of disunity among Kadazans at the crossroads of Sabahan politics.

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