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If you had visited Donggongon, Penampang, more than twenty years ago, you will not recognise it now if you come today. This is a town located within the Penampang District, the Sabah Legislative Assembly seat of Moyog and also within the Penampang Parliamentary Seat.

It is said that this word comes from the word "tundoongon" which means 'a place to take rest'. This was the place in days gone by where Kadazans take a breather when they passed through this place to and fro on their way carrying out their day to day activities.

"Tundoongon" comes from its root word "mundoong" that means "to take a rest."

This town is administratively divided into two parts. The older blocks of shop houses toward Kulintangan hill are now within the constituency of Kepayan whereas the
newer blocks lie within the Moyog constituency. Moyog and Kepayan make up the Parliamentary seat of Penampang.

The northern side of this town hugs the hilly area part of which is an area called by people "The Kulintangan." This was the place where the Kadazan people in Penampang fought against the soldiers of the Sultan of Brunei - or rather the pangeran who was the sultan's representative.

The Bruneians were badly defeated. The Brunei sultan would remember this and later punished the Kadazan people living in villagers living in this area by not giving any of them any position of influence in civil government.

The Kulintangan area may soon disappear as this hill had been purchased by a Chinese businessman. It is said the new owner will be building a block of condominiums. Why can't a monument be constructed in this place to commemorate the battle won by the Kadazan people against the people of the mighty Sultan of Brunei?

On the southern side of the old town was an area where sago palm areas and rice fields were found. These had disappeared as the lands were acquired by the government to make way for the expansion of the town. These are replaced by concrete jungles that house shop houses, workshops, and other light industries. The TAR college may lie within this area.

The Landmarks of Present-Day Donggongon

Datuk Peter Joinod Mojuntin Monument
The site where the statue of the Late Peter Mojuntin stand lies somewhere at the center of the town. This is so if the land area of the town extends from the Dambai bridge to Puluduk roundabout and from Kasigui to the rice fields of Kondundungan.

So can the authorities concerned gazette this place - from the statue to the "sumazau" town clock - as the "Town Centre"?

Further, it is appropriate to call the area around the statue of Peter Mojuntin, "The Golden Son of the Kadazans" as "The Peter Mojuntin Square." Someone had said that the Penampang District Council had already made such a decision.

Cultural Centre Building
This building with the roof shaped like the 'Siung' - the female Kadazan traditional hat - is located near the District Council and District Office buildings. The community hall is found next to newly-built District Council building.

Huge Siga Roundabout
This is the newest landmark which you cannot miss if you happen to drive or take a ride in the direction of the Lokawi Wild Life Sanctuary or take
the new highway that leads to Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Kota Kinabalu.

The 'siga' is the traditional head gear of a male Kadazan.

Sabah Credit Corporation (Perbadanan Pinjaman Sabah)
This is a government agency providing financing facilities to individuals as well as corporate bodies.

The Donggongon Branch of the Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad is renting the ground floor of this building.

Megalong Shopping Mall, Donggongon
Megalong Mall was opened some three years ago. It is reputedly the longest mall this side of Sabah.

ITCC Complex
When completed, the ITCC will form a new landmark at Donggongon, Penampang.

Kulintangan refers to a set of small gongs.

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