Incidences of Brothers against Brothers among Kadazans

Incidences of "brothers against brothers" among Kadazans occurred in the past and are still happening. The reasons are as many as they are varied. And this mentality is played out in different situations.

The main reason for a "crab mentality" is envy (jealousy) of another person's (or group's) success.

But jealousy leads to nowhere.

It was stated in a book by Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan that the Kadazandusuns are not immune from "crab mentality" whereby Kadazandusuns try to pull down fellow Kadazandusuns. Some people from among the racial group were offended by what Dr. Kitingan wrote.

If what Dr. Kitingan said is true even to a small extent, no form of denial can make it disappear altogether. It is better to do admit the truth and do something positive about it.

You may wish to know what a crab mentality is. It is said that the phrase is quite popular among Filipinos. But they are not alone.

The brothers against brothers saying is based on crab mentality resulting in "if I can't have it, neither can you." It does not matter that they belong to the same (racial) group.

This saying came about as the result of someone having observed the behavior of crabs in a bucket. A single crab could easily escape. But since there were many crabs, they pulled each other down so that not one single crab could escape.

Brothers against brothers. Is this true of Kadazandusuns?

As stated above, something that is true does not become an untruth when some or even the majority of people are against it or deny its truth or existence. If you are a Kadazandusun, you may want to think this through in a rational manner before getting angry.

The crab mentality is not confined to any racial grouping. Therefore, if it is true that the Kadazandusun people are susceptible to this form of thinking and behavior, they are not alone.

Wikipedia states:
"This term is broadly associated with short-sighted, non-constructive thinking rather than a unified, long-term, constructive mentality."

Wikipedia further mentions that opponents, either individually or as a group, misuse this phrase by accusing the other of having "crab mentality". They may do this not caring whether the accusation is true or false.

Milder version of crab mentality?
Is there a milder version of crab mentality?

Consider this.

When someone becomes successful, some may try to ignore that person or refuse to acknowledge that person's success even when someone else says that that there is someone who is successful and that others need to emulate him or her.

It is sad to see that many from among the same racial group, including family members, will will have nothing to with members who are successful.

Even if the more serious form of crab mentality is not found among Kadazandusuns, the milder form is not totally absent.

At the other end of the spectrum, mockery awaits someone who ends being a failure. Some will then say, "I told you so."

Angry at being told the truth
Why should one gets angry when told the truth? The only reasonable response is to put things right. Members of the Kadazandusun community need not get angry or get annoyed upon being told something that is true, that is, that they do have a crab mentality problem and have to do something to deal with it.

Political scenario
The political field is a common area where the greatest incidences of "brothers against brothers" occur. This is a drama which re-plays itself. It is like a turning wheel. It is hard to stop once the argument starts.

Even Kadazandusun politicians cannot escape this phenomenon especially during election time. The saddest part is that siblings will fight or are made to fight against each other as candidates. And as supporters!

There is no stopping until the party who lost accepts defeat with dignity. The winning party may even rub salt into the hurt and pain inflicted during election.

It is sensible to come together again as a people after an election. Kadazandusun leaders need to do this if they wish to restore goodwill among their people. This is for the sake unity.

But this is something easier said than done. However, this is not a good and acceptable reason for NOT trying.

Incidences of Kadazans acting out as "brothers against brothers" are not conducive to the well-being and progress of the Kadazan as one people.

Everyone needs to do something positive about it.

This can start with you and me.

Sadly, tribal wars are a demonstration of this brothers against brothers incidents. Read the events of the tribal wars in Tambunan almost two centuries ago. But be assured that tribal wars were not confined to Tambunan.

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